A new Mosaic for Turtle Alley

Yesterday, 24 students from the Sri KDU Chapter of People to People International spent about three hours to assemble a new mosaic for Turtle Alley. This mosaic, 8 feet wide and 6 feet high is made up of 48 pieces of one foot square mosaics to facilitate installation on the wall.

A few representatives from the school will come to Kuala Terengganu in June to participate in the installation of this mosaic. I would like to express my thanks to Ms Chuah Siew Yen for proposing the project and the teachers and students involved. Dato’ YB Toh Chin Yaw had earlier approved the project.

As always, pictures tell a better story. So here goes…….





Visitors’ blogs on Turtle Alley

I have just done a google search on Turtle Alley to find out what our visitors have to say about the alley. Here are the links :

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Hope you will take a look at some of the links. Thank you!

Official Launching of Turtle Alley

Turtle Alley was officially launched by YB Dato’ Toh Chin Yaw on the 20th of July 2012.  The event was jointly organised by the Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia, The Young Malaysians Movement (Terengganu Chapter) and the Kampung Cina Cooperative.  These three organisations have also jointly adopted the alley to help monitor it and maintain its cleanliness.

A  number of other activities were also held in conjunction with the launch. The photographs below will serve to give a complete record of all the activities held.  I have used photographs borrowed from the Facebook albums of Turtle Alley, Lai Qiao Lian, Len Yet Cheng, Wee Seng Whatt, Lau Boon Kheng, David Cheok and Ino Goh. I wish to thank all of them here.

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Turtle trivia boards in Turtle Alley

Turtle Alley continues to delight – A stroll down the alley will compell you to read these brightly-painted turtle trivia boards. All the boards were painted by Chan. The mounting of the boards was aided by Zaki, Kial, Omar, Mr Yeo Soon Sim and Yap Chuan Bin.





Turtle Alley featured in a local Photography Competition

I was pleasantly surprised when i went to the exhibition of photographs submitted to a local photography competition here in Kuala Terengganu. Several photographers had chosen Turtle Alley as their subject matter. One was awarded a consolation prize.

The photographs are featured in this blog. Thanks are due to Mr Lorenz Law who obtained permission from the Photography Association of Terengganu for me to use the photographs in this blog.

Words of appreciation are accorded to the photographers, Mr Lee Hui Siang, Mr Foo Chuan Lee, Mr Siew Chee Yong, Mr Cheng You Choon for choosing Turtle Alley as their subject matter.

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