Turtle Alley in MY Astro

Wow, what an honour….

Turtle Alley has been featured in the Chinese New Year medley to usher in the up-coming Dragon year by MY Astro. It was aired over Astro 301 at 9.30 pm last night (12 Dec 2011).

The youtube link is :

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wUm0TJp7A3g&feature=share .

We appear at the 8th minute. Do check us out. We hope that this unexpected publicity will attract visitors to the Alley.

Hello and welcome!

Welcome to Turtle Alley and join us in our celebration of turtles through this street art of turtle mosaics in Chinatown, Kuala Terengganu in Malaysia.

Currently, a total of over 60 turtle mosaics have been installed on the wall and walkway of the 55 m long alley. We are still working on filling the remaining blank spaces on the walls.

As this blog develops, more and more of our art-pieces will be show-cased, hence do keep tuned, “like” us and share this link with your friends. More importantly, do drop us some comments to spur us on, and suggestions on how we can further improve the alley and this site to make it a more joyful place to be.

Thank you and enjoy!