Visitors’ blogs on Turtle Alley

I have just done a google search on Turtle Alley to find out what our visitors have to say about the alley. Here are the links :

Tastes of life : Turtle Alley in Kuala Terengganu, dated 26th Sept. 2012:

Joy ‘N’ Escapade : Road trip 3 : KT : Turtle Alley, dated 19th Sept, 2012:

From Malaysia to the world : Turtle Alley, Kampung China and the waterfront, dated 12th Aug, 2012:

From the website of Backpacking Malaysia : Turtle Alley (Lorong Penyu) :

DreamyHT’s blog : Adventures to the East!!!, dated 19th Sept. 2011 :

aRojak Life : Turtle Alley, dated 9th Aug, 2011 :

Oystercove’s Inspirasi : A turtle request :

Lolipopgirl : Turtle Alley, dated 24th Oct., 2011 :

Poundthegarlic blogspot : Turtle watxhing again, dated 16th Aug, 2011

Small Lil Things blogspot : Turtle Alley, KT:

Hope you will take a look at some of the links. Thank you!