A new Mosaic for Turtle Alley

Yesterday, 24 students from the Sri KDU Chapter of People to People International spent about three hours to assemble a new mosaic for Turtle Alley. This mosaic, 8 feet wide and 6 feet high is made up of 48 pieces of one foot square mosaics to facilitate installation on the wall.

A few representatives from the school will come to Kuala Terengganu in June to participate in the installation of this mosaic. I would like to express my thanks to Ms Chuah Siew Yen for proposing the project and the teachers and students involved. Dato’ YB Toh Chin Yaw had earlier approved the project.

As always, pictures tell a better story. So here goes…….





One thought on “A new Mosaic for Turtle Alley

  1. Now we have to inspire each of those 24 students to reach out to 24 other students to convince them to make a personal committment not to consume turtle eggs and meat. And have those reach out to another 24 …

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