Large mosaics on the walls

Here the larger format/composite mosaics will be featured. Currently we have three such mosaics on the walls.  I have plans to install a couple more to fill up the remaining blank spaces on the walls.

1. Released with Love

Released with Love by Chan Eng Heng

This mosaic, created and assembled by Chan Eng Heng in 2011 is an expression of her 16 years of involvement in a marine turtle conservation project at the Chagar Hutang Turtle Sanctuary in Redang Island, Terengganu.

Each of the 16 hatchlings in the mosaic represents one year of hatchlings released from the egg protection and incubation program on the island.  Through the 16 years of combined dedicated efforts of Chan, project staff and volunteers, close to half a million marine turtle eggs have been saved from human consumption and 400,000 hatchlings returned to the ocean.

The heart is symbolic of the love and dedication given to the project. The virgin forest, pristine beach and clean ocean, so important in contributing to the well-being of marine turtles, are depicted in the colours surrounding the heart.

This mosaic is mounted at the rear entrance to Turtle Alley.


Maya by Tan Yisin

This beautiful mosaic was created and assembled by Tan Yisin in 2011.

Maya is the little girl depicted in the storybook “Little Turtle Messenger” written by Chan Eng Heng and illustrated by Tan Yisin.

This mosaic is mounted after the metallic plates of the book “Little Turtle Messenger” along one wall of Turtle Alley.

Say “NO” to Turtle Eggs

This large mosaic by Chan Eng Heng featuring three cute pipping hatchlings hopes to appeal to the public to stop eating turtle eggsIt is very unfortunate that the local government has been reluctant to ban the sale of turtle eggs in the markets.

The Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia is carrying out a campaign to get members of the public to make a life-long commitment to NOT eat turtle eggs.

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